Orlando Blues Dance Lessons

Come on out and join Heather Wheeler and Steve Stone Beginning on Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day for the

Blues Begginner Class from 7pm – 8pm
Learning the basics of Blues Movement, Connection, and Turns.

Blues Intermediate Class from 8pm – 9pm
The fun in Musicality, Understanding Transitions, Building Combos

All of this can be yours for the Low low price of $10 a class or $15 for both classes.

No partner needed!

What is Blues Dancing?

Blues dancing is a partner dance that happened after the swing dances ended, and people wanted to keep on dancing. They would have (rent parties) in living rooms and would drop the tempo and get close. It has evolved over the years and is now a staple in Orlando after the weekly swing dancing. We dance to blues music and fun music that you can blues to. Blues is about learning how to lead and follow on the dance floor. Blues dancing can help every dance style you know to get better.