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You can reach Steve Stone for private and group lessons

Address: Orlando FL Phone: 407.970.2033
Business Hours: 11 am–9:00 pm M-F, 2 pm– 10 pm S-S

Lindy Hop Lessons Orlando FL

The dance that changed everything, Lindy Hop started around 1927 and took the world by storm. A very dynamic dance, that when seen & done correctly will inspire you to want to get up and try it for yourself. It is an 8 count dance, which focuses on connection and momentum. East coast swing is the 6 count variation of the Lindy Hop and is a crucial part of the swing dancers arsenal.

This series will take you through the steps and get you dancing like a rock star in no time.

Blues dancing Lessons Orlando FL

Learn to take your dancing to a new level. Blues dancing is about musicality, leading, following & creativity, as well as understanding how you can dance with the music and your partner. If you love great Blues music or music that has that bluesy feel, this is a dance you want to learn.

Classes in Blues will greatly improve all the dancing you do. Plus it’s fun, and you will be able to dance to just about anything!